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ODM Electronic / Electro-Mechanical  Parts & Products Design Manufacture

                         ODM Design & Mfg. Products

The Features of ODM Electronic / Electro-Mechanical Products Design Manufacture 
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1. Engineer Team Work with Customer from Products & Components Design
    and Reverse Engineering Service including Electronic Circuit Board Design, 
    PC Board Layout, Software Program Design and Mechanical Structure Design,
    Manufactue and Test Service.
2. Capabilities Including: 
        Mechanical Structrue Design including:
Ferrous and Nonferrous of Stamping, Forming, Die Casting,  Casting, 
              Forging, Extrusion of Components, and Plastic Molding, Rubber Molding
              and CNC Machining Components Design.
        Electronic / Electrical Circuit Diagram Design.
        Printed Circuit Board Design and Layout.
        PCB Gerber Design
        Software Program and Machine Language Program Design 
              Example: C++, Assembly etc...
        Material & Compoents Research or Design Manufacture for Units
        Build Bill of Material for Units
        Calibration and Test Procedure Setup and Fixtures Design for Manufacture.
        Build 2D, 3D CAD Drawings
3. Flexibility to meet Customer Production Requirements from Prototype Design to
    High Volume Production with Rapid Prototype.
4. ISO 9001 Quality Based System with Statistical Process Control
5. Typical Applications:
                For All Industries, Commercial, Electronics, Military, Test Equipment,
                Computer, Monitors, Transmission, Display, Medical, Lab. Equipment,
                Automotive, Communication and More.

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