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Metal Forming Fabric and Assembly  Products & Components

Forming Fabric & Assembly                     

The Features of  Metal Forming Fabric and Assembly Products & Components
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01. Engineer Team Work with Customer from Products & Components Design.
02. Material : Most of Ferrous and Nonferrous Alloy Sheets
03. Capabilities Including: Amada NCT, Mazak Super Turbo Laser Cut, Gear Stamping,
                                      Stamping, Grinding Master, Amada Bending, Spot Welding,
                                      Argon Welding, Co2 Welding and More,.
04. Small to Large Production Runs
05. Tight Size Control on Complex Forms and Design.
06. Amada NCT Machine Capability 1220mm x 1220mm with 3mm Thickness  
      Mazak Laser Cut Capability 1220mm x 1220mm with Thickness 5mm for 
      Carbon Steel, 3mm for Stainless Steel.
07. Fabrication: Drilling, Tapping, Deburring, Welding, Notching, Punching, Swaging, 
                        Riveting, Assembly and more.
08. Finished: Clear & Color Anodizing, Powder Coating, Paint, Electro Coating,
                    Brush finished, Silkscreen Printing, Blast Shooting, Polished and more.
09. ISO 9001 Quality Based System with Statistical Process Control
10. Serving for All Industries Example as Electronical, Electronic, Automotive,
      Appliances, Decorative Hardware, Lighting, Military and More etc... 

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