O.E.M / O.D.M Contract Manufacture Service From Taiwan And China Directly Since 1981 Design-Assembly-Components-Products.
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Typical manufacture Products

         General of Electronic, Electro-Mechanical Products & Components of 
         Design & Assembly 

     Meters & Testers 
         Pivot/Jewell, Taut Band Analog and Digital of Panel meters,
         VOM Testers, Vaccum Air gagues, Auto & Motorcycle meters,
         Temperature, Frequency, Voltage, Current Meters, 
         High Voltage VOM Tester.

        Industrial and Commercial  Componets, Controls and Products
         Relay Control, Phase Monitors, Timers, Flashers, High Voltage
         Switch Powers, Power Alert, Current  Measurement Relay, 
         Custom LCD Module, GFCI Receptacle Tester, Custom Motors
         Control Board, . Custom Control Panels, AC LED FAA Signal Lighting,
         LED with Solar Panel  FAA Signal Lighting, Multi Fix Current Switch Power
         for LED, Brushless Motor of Controller, AC Motor Speed Controller,
         RF & Infrared Remote Control, 8 Keys Touch Panel, 10" DVD Display, 
         Fish Tank Temperature Control, Signal Generator, 20M Oscilloscope, & etc...

         Dish Washer, Boiler, TV,  Audio, Telephone, Computer, Automobile, Game, Lighting,
         Air Conditioners & etc. of Components.

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