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Typical manufacture Products

         PC Board Assembly

         SMT and Through Holes of PC Board Assembly with Function Test 
         for OEM or ODM Special Customers.
         SMT Surface Mounting Machine and Through Hole Insertion line offer very fast service 
         from small quanitty to large quantity of PC board assembly. The Wave Soldering offer
         ROHS and NON-ROHS Separate Process Service.  We also offer The Board Design 
         and Layout Service.

         Capabilities Including: 

                         Surface Mount, Two Side Surface Mount, Through Hole, 
                         Wave Soldering, Hand Soldering, Harness, Wire & Cables, 
                         Potting, Conformal Coating, Unit Assembly, Sub-Assembly, 
                         Electro-Mechanical Assembly, Burn-in, Inspection, 
                         ICT Testing, AOI Testing, Calibration Process, Final Testing,
                         Package and more.

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