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Main equipment
Quality Control
Main Product

Quality Control Equipment 

Brown & Sharpe Gage 2000R Coordinate Measuring System 1 set.
2D Coordinate Measuring Machine 1 set, Optical Comparators 1 set,
Micro Control balance tester 2 sets, Pull tester 1 set, Torque driver 1 set,
GW GPI-825 AC Withstand Voltage / Insulation Tester 1 set
Tektronix TDS1002 Two Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope 1 set
HP 8711A RF Network Analyzer 1 set, IDRC CF-1500TP3P AC Power Source 1 set
IDRC CF-2000TP AC Power Source 1 set, GW GDM-8251A 5 1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter 1 set
GW SFG-2107 Synthesized Function Generator 2 sets
Meihwa MH-844 Multitester Calibrator 2 sets, Meihwa MH-400 AC Current Calibrator 1 set
Meihwa MH-410 DC Current Calibrator 1 set, HP 34401A 6 1/2 Digit Digital Multimeter 1 set
ADSYS K518 In Circuit Test System 1 set, TES 6220 Regulated DC Power Supply 2 sets
Sencore LC102 Capacitr Inductor Analyzer 1 set and more.

Mechanical Measurment Equipment

3D Cordinate           2D Coordinate Optical      Optical Comparator   Balance tester
Measuring Machine  Measuring Machine  

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