O.E.M / O.D.M Contract Manufacture Service From Taiwan And China Directly Since 1981 Design-Assembly-Components-Products.
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Main equipment
Quality Control
Main Product

Typical manufacture Products

         General of Electronic & Electro-Mechanical Components & Assembly Products

         Tone Generator and Tracers, AC/DC Power Detectors, 
         Lan Testers, Wire Master Mapper, HotWire Wire Circuit Tracing
         Cable Rater DB Loss Meter.

         PC board Assembly
         SMT and Through Holes type PC Board Assembly with Function Test 
         for OEM or ODM Special Customers.
         Mechaical Assembly
         Telephone Base,  Fire Alarm Pull Station, Custom Motor Coils, Machine Cabinet,
         Movements, Ceramics Light Socket, Light set fixture,  Links, Air Pad, Metal Magnifier, 
         Solar Junction Box and Terminals etc.

         According Customers New Products or New Design to Manufacture. (O.E.M.)
         Help Customer Re-design or New Design to Manufacture.(O.D.M.)
         ( Including Software Program Design ,  Products Electronic & Mechanical 
         Structure Design And PC Board Layout )

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