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Main equipment
Quality Control
Main Product

Quality Control Equipment 

Universal LCR meter 1 set , Inductance Meter 2 sets, Oscilloscope 2 sets,
Audio Analyzer 1 set, Audio Polarity tester 2 sets, AC Hi-Voltage proof tester 2 set,
Torque driver 1 set, Pull tester 1 sets, DC Hi-Voltage proof tester 1 set,
Cordinate Measuring Machine 1 set, Optical Comparator 1 set, Frequency counter 2 sets,
AC Power source  4 sets, and more

Mechanical Measurment

   3D Cordinate                           Optical Comparator    
   Measuring Machine  
Electrical & Electronic Measurment 

   Oscilloscope                 Frequency tester        Digital Multi Meter

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