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 Typical Manufacture Products
         Cable & Wire Harness assembly 

       Molding Type of Cable / Wire Harness Assembly
         OEM or ODM Manufacture Molding Type of Cable /Wire Harness Assembly. 
         Our Vertical Plastic Injection Machine Available Process Any Kinds
         of Round Cable Assembly, Test Leads, Medical Equipment Cables,
         Industries & Commercial Grade of Cables, Automobile Cables,
         Printers, Power Cables, Cellur Phone, Solar Panel,  etc..  and More....
         Customers Design are all Available and Welcome.

         Crimping Type of Cable / Wire Harness Assembly
         OEM or ODM Manufacture Crimping Type of Cable /Wire Harness Assembly. 
         Our Automatic  Machine  build High Reliable Quality and Competitive Cost
         of Cable/Wire Harness Assembly to Service Customers.  Most of Wires and
         Connectors are all Available 
for all Automobile, Industrial & Commercial Grade
         of Electrical & Electronic products, Motors, Meters, Transmission,  Medical
         Equipment, Solar Panel, etc.. and more.  

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